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Rare Antique 19th C. French Enamel Handle Lorgnette Spectacles

An amazing find! Rare 19th century French gold-filled hand-painted enamel lorgnette spectacles.

Lorgnettes are classic handheld spectacles. The precursor to modern opera glasses, lorgnettes were a common sight during the 19th century at the theater as well as the opera. 

This stunning lorgnette has a detailed enamelwork on both sides in blue and white. The enamelwork is in pristine condition which is quite rare. 

The lorgnette measures 5-1/4" long when closed. It slides open by pushing a tab on the handle. The spectacles are 4" wide. There are some flea bites on the edge of the lenses, but it does not detract from their beauty of rarity. They retract and have a strong closure.

A simply gorgeous lorgnette to be treasured for years to come!


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