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Pair of Antique Sterling Silver Rock Crytsal Pools of Light Dangle Earrings

Beautiful pair of antique Art Deco era screw back sterling silver Pools of Light rock crystal orb dangle earrings. Antique "Pools of Light" jewelry is quite collectible and has become really popular during the past decade. These special orbs are undrilled rock crystal and not glass. A true "Pool of Light" crystal will magnify and refract an image (so that it appears upside-down).

The pretty orbs have a fancy sterling silver floral repousse band around them. The orbs are attached to chain links which is accented by a single rhinestones. The screw backs do not appear to be silver and I’m pretty sure they’re not original. If desired, you can always add sterling silver wires.

These charming old earrings are in excellent condition and make such an elegant statement!

Price: $285.00   1