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Georgian Woven Natural Seed Pearl Bridal Necklace 14K Gold Clasp

Stunning late Georgian/early Victorian seed pearl necklace with a 14K gold clasp.

"In Europe, the use of "seed pearl" jewelry first became popular in the late Georgian period, from the last quarter of the 18th century to the first quarter of the 19th century. Then only really wealthy families could buy these wonderful things. The real boom, however, culminated at the beginning of the Victorian era, between 1837 and 1860 — during the period when rapid industrialization of Europe created the middle class, which could afford such jewelry. Jewelry decorated with seed pearls was associated with innocence and purity and considered a perfect gift for young girls for their 18th birthday, as their first official piece of jewelry, or for a bride on her wedding day". -History of Jewelry: Seed Pearl-- Staryj Belevoj Shkaf, Livemaster.

The workmanship and detail of this necklace is amazing. It has a beautiful design with pearl clusters and connecting pearl chains/loops. Such a beautiful and elegant piece.

The pearls are a pretty off white hue and in great condition. The widest part of the design is 3/4". The clasp has been tested for solid gold and has a strong hinge. Necklace measures 16" long. The pearls near the clasp have just been restrung by a jeweler so that they are sturdy.

A truly elegant period piece!

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