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Victorian 12K Gold & Coral Day to Night Earrings

Beautiful pair of late 19th century day to night dangle earrings in 12K gold with coral.

The earrings consist of two parts: the upper portion, which can be separated from the bottom and worn on their own by day for a simpler effect. The much larger bottom section, suspended from the loop behind the smaller top part.  This ear wire mechanism was popular during the Victorian period when day to night earrings were popular.

The earrings have such an ornate design, and the coral adds a beautiful pop of color. For the Victorians coral was a good luck symbol that especially protected good health!

They measure 1-3/4" tall, not including the wires, and approx. 7/8" wide. They have been tested for 12K gold. Total weight is 8.3 grams.

Condition is excellent. Could use additional cleaning if desired.

Such a lovely example of Victorian jewelry.

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