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Large Georgian 9K Gold Quartz Double-Sided Mourning Hair Pendant

Truly impressive Georgian, or early Victorian mourning hair pendant set in 9 carat gold. A beautiful example of the 'sentimental' or mourning jewelry of the Victorian era, on the heels of the practice from Georgian times and earlier, when it was in fashion to 'entomb' a lock of your dearly departed's hair within the jewelry to remember them and keep them close. The workmanship is superb. 

This pendant is quite large, measuring 1-3/4" by 1-3/8" not including the bale. It features woven hair under crystal. What's amazing is that it's double-sided. One side has the hair under crystal with gold monograms. Quite unique. The other side has a beautiful setting with a crystal window surrounded by gold. 

I've never seen a mourning pendant like this. Really unique and amazing. Total weight is 11.9 grams. Superb condition!

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