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The Hotel; A Week In The Life Of The Plaza, First Edition

Hard-to-find, out of print book titled "The Hotel...A Week In The Life Of The Plaza. Written by Sonny Kleinfield, published by Simon and Schuster, 1989, First Edition.

In this lively and revealing account Kleinfield chronicles a typical week in the life of the Plaza Hotel, and in the process shows how luxury hotels everywhere manage to maintain their enduring mystique. Along the way the reader learns the trade secrets of the various hotel professions: how bellhops cadge bigger tips out of guests, how concierges manage to secure impossible to get reservations, how the wine cellar attendants make sure shady bartenders don't reuse empty liquor bottles for their own benefit. The Hotel is an unforgettable inside look at the exciting world of the luxury hotel.

Hardcover, dust jacket, Tight, clean copy in beautiful condition. The two-tone color you see on the book is the reflection of the Mylar cover. 334 pages.

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